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Our Sollis Clarity Health Analytics platform provides a comprehensive family of measurement tools that help explain how healthcare resources are delivered and consumed.

A Population Health Management (PHM) approach to the early detection of liver disease

Chronic Liver Disease (CLD) is an ignored epidemic.

This blog describes how a consortium of clinicians, academics, and industry – including Sollis – have come together to tackle this epidemic head on.

Funded by the UK Governments Innovate UK Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, we describe how a Population Health Management (PHM) approach has been adopted to deliver community-based interventions that support the early detection of liver disease.

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Proactive Anticipatory Care in South West London: A Population Health Management (PHM) Journey

Proactive and Anticipatory Care is the very essence of Population Health Management (PHM).

In this Case Study we describe how a data driven approach supported the design and delivery of a proactive anticipatory care programme for complex care patients in South West London.

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Lessons from the Population Health Management (PHM) Front Line

In this new blog I reflect on a recent Population Health Management (PHM) engagement supported by Sollis. Based on that experience, I offer up some observations that might prove helpful to others beginning their own PHM journeys.

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Sollis are delighted to be providing data and analytics support to a newly launched National ICS Population Health Place Development Programme.

Together with our Consortium partners, we are supporting local health and care professionals in establishing practical Population Health Management (PHM) interventions and provide proactive and preventative care centred around the whole person.

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Population Health Management: Its Personal

When we talk about Population Health Management, the conversation – unsurprisingly – focuses on populations and/or sub-populations (cohorts).

In doing so it is vital we do not forget that populations are made up of real people; individuals with very personalised needs, wants and desires.

To help us remember, stories can often help.

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Bridging the divide between population health analytics and the care management workforce

When establishing care management services for ‘at need’ populations, how do we get the right data into the hands of the workforce best qualified to act. In summary, how do we deliver an end-to-end Population Health Management (PHM) service?

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Health Inequalities and Inequity: Using data to address issues of Parity of Esteem

It is easy to write on a subject about which you are passionate; but I take the view that we should be judged on actions not just words. Its fine to rage against the injustices of the world, but if you aren’t part of the solution then you may very well be part of the problem

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Equity vs Equality

Integrated Care Systems and the Demon of Health Inequity

When trying to make sense of the “Why” or “Purpose” of Integrated Care Systems (ICS) then a good starting place might be health inequity.

It is our contention that the Why of those leading Integrated Care Systems should be to exorcise the demon that is health inequity.

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Transforming Diabetic Services in Primary Care: A Population Health Management (PHM) Story.

How General Practitioners in Kingston used data and data science to transform diabetic services.

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Demystifying Population Health Management (PHM) aka. We Can Do It

In recent months Sollis have been providing data and analytics support to a number of Primary Care Networks (PCNs) nationally. These work programmes have varied in scope and nature ranging from:

  • Managing People with Complex Needs / Anticipatory Care (South West London)
  • Frailty Transformation (South West London and Surrey)
  • Chronic Disease Management/ Long Term Conditions (South West London)

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Improving Population Health – Seven Quick Wins

When thinking about Population Health Management (PHM), sometimes the difficulty is knowing where to start.

This simple guide is based on our experiences working with Integrated Care Systems (ICS), Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and GP Practices across the UK.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step

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Advances in Population Health Management

Stories from the frontline

Everybody is talking about population health management at the moment, so in late 2018 we held a workshop to help people stop talking about it and start doing it.

At this workshop we brought together stories from the different care communities we support, to give people a forum where they could connect and learn from each other’s practical experiences of population health management.

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Health analytics tools for health and care professionals developing and evaluating New Care Models.

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Population health management insights and analyses.

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A comprehensive range of professional services completes our health analytics offering.

Sollis Clarity Health Analytics is now available via G-Cloud, the Health Systems Support Framework and the Elis 2 Framework.

Population Segmentation

Download our new PDF guide that introduces population segmentation approaches to support population health management.

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Understanding Population Health

To learn more about how Sollis Clarity supports population health management strategies, download our white paper.

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Population Health Analyses

Analyses and insights into the population profile of a Sustainability and Transformation Partnership in the South of England.

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Case Study

Proactive Care at Brighton and Hove

The collaborative approach to this project, involving Here, Sollis, Age UK and Community Works, has provided clinicians, pharmacists and data analysts with the insights to dig deeper into patients’ health and also the outcomes that are important to those patients.

This case study demonstrates what is achievable when dedicated professionals put aside tribal allegiances and join as a team to deliver to a common purpose.

More importantly, it is the story of one particular patient – James.

Above all this is a human story.

Case Study

Using Data to Gain Greater Insight

The Proactive Care team at Brighton and Hove needed to target patients on a particular medication, which was flagged by the MHRA. Sollis worked as a development partner with Here to implement health analtyics that reaches into the data and really helps them to understand what the service’s response needs to be.

Case Study

Population Profiling in Slough CCG

Using population profiling and risk stratification methodologies to gain an insight into morbidity patterns with the Slough population, identifying cohorts of patients for intervention and the development of a primary care based complex case management service.

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Sollis Insights

On Impactibility

Population health, patient impactibility models and the resulting implications for managers and clinicians.

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PHM in the Digital Age

Exploring opportunities for population health management in the age of AI/machine learning and the Internet of Things.

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The Importance of Population Segmentation

The power of population segmentation, for those working with population-based planning for healthcare.

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NHS Logo

The NHS’s Values are our Values

We believe in a health and care system that is equitable and available to all based on need and not the ability to pay. We believe that health and wellbeing is a fundamental human right and that all citizens should be provided equal opportunities to enjoy productive and happy lives. Our purpose is to deliver software and services that help make this a reality.

Our values as a company are a reflection of my own personal values. As an analytics company we deliver insight from data. However, it is the human stories that lie behind the data that matter. We never forget that at the end of every piece of data there is a person.

Nigel Slone
Managing Director

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Case Studies

Service Transformation:
Stories from the CCG Frontline

Service transformation case study produced in collaboration with NHS South East CSU: Stories from the CCG Frontline.

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Developing a Complex Care Case Management Service within Primary Care

Sollis Clarity Health Analytics and the ACG System helped Slough CCG and local GPs understand key drivers of cost and hospital activity.

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Easing Winter Pressures on A&E Departments

NHS Gloucestershire CCG engaged Sollis to help build case finding reports to identify patient cohorts at risk of presenting at A&E.