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We offer a blend of Analytics Platform & Tooling and PHM Consultancy Services.
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Platform and tools

There are a number of different analytical tools that comprise an overarching population health management toolkit. These tools are designed to set priorities, highlight opportunities and identify the cohorts and individuals with the greatest potential to benefit.
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At its heart Population Health Management (PHM) is a methodology, a different way of working. All PHM endeavours are data driven enterprises, but it is often said that it is 20% about the data and 80% about culture. PHM is about process and learning.

Our Population Health Management Development Programme is designed to enhance the skills, knowledge and competencies of all health and care professionals who seek to implement PHM programmes.

Designed in collaboration with clinicians and other PHM experts working in the field, this Programme aims to equip health and care professionals with the necessary skills to implement evidence-based strategies and interventions.

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If you place the patient at the heart of all you do; if you want to work with people who share your commitment to delivering better patient outcomes and better patient experiences, then we should be talking.
We clearly share the same values.


The road to hell is paved with dashboards

The road to hell is paved with dashboards. A whole industry has been built on the thinking that Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards are the answer to Population Health Management (PHM). Spoiler alert. They aren’t. Here’s why….
Case study

Supporting an End-of-Life Programme in Dorset

The Challenge The last days, weeks and months of life are precious. Using routinely collected data it is possible to start revealing proxy markers of bad outcomes and specifically sub-optimal use of time, both for individuals and also health and care systems more broadly. Working with the Dorset Integrated Care System (ICS), Sollis identified all residents in Dorset who died in the peri

Seven Quick Wins – 7

In conjunction with our long term collaborators Johns Hopkins Healthcare, we have devised seven ‘quick wins’ for the delivery of population health analytics that supports Population Health Management strategies. The seventh of these quick wins is…. #7 Address variation within groups with similar degrees of morbidity burden

The NHS’s Values are our Values

We believe in a health and care system that is equitable and available to all based on need and not the ability to pay. We believe that health and wellbeing is a fundamental human right and that all citizens should be provided equal opportunities to enjoy productive and happy lives. Our purpose is to deliver software and services that help make this a reality.

Our values as a company are a reflection of my own personal values. As an analytics company we deliver insight from data. However, it is the human stories that lie behind the data that matter. We never forget that at the end of every piece of data there is a person.

Nigel Slone
Chief Executive Officer

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Case Study

Proactive Care at Brighton and Hove

The collaborative approach to this project, involving Here, Sollis, Age UK and Community Works, has provided clinicians, pharmacists and data analysts with the insights to dig deeper into patients’ health and also the outcomes that are important to those patients.

This case study demonstrates what is achievable when dedicated professionals put aside tribal allegiances and join as a team to deliver to a common purpose.

More importantly, it is the story of one particular patient – James.

Above all this is a human story.