Opening Up Technology

We all know the extreme financial pressures the NHS is under at the moment. In simple terms it is being asked to do more with less. As a supplier to the NHS of some 25 years standing — and as a trusted partner — it is incumbent upon us to do our bit.

At Sollis we have sought to create a Population Health Analytics platform that is cost effective to implement, run and maintain. In our latest version of Sollis Clarity we have removed the need for a third-party reporting solution and its associated licence fees.

Venn Data VisualisationIn its place, we have implemented a new solution developed in-house by our development team. However, we have not implemented it completely from scratch. Instead we have used an open source data visualisation technology called D3 – Data Driven Documents – as a base for our reporting solution. D3 helps you bring data alive using standard web technologies. It is a highly flexible library for reporting which we have used for developing our reporting and report design suite.

Open source technologies have a number of benefits. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly for the NHS, it has no cost for end users while still delivering excellent reporting and visualisation capabilities. This means we can develop and implement our data driven insights without having to pass on any additional third-party licensing costs to the NHS.

Radar Chart Data VisualisationIt also means that we can adapt our data analytics tools to ensure they are better tailored for the reporting requirements of today’s NHS. Because the Sollis development team has complete access to the base source code, we can make enhancements to the reporting functionality and get the results out to users quickly.

We can also feed back these updates  into the development community to improve the framework for everybody. We think of it as a ‘win-win’ for all concerned.

If you would like to learn more about our healthcare analytics reporting capabilities, take a look at our insights into multimorbidity, frailty, cost and risk, or download our STP Population Health Overview.