Seven quick wins

In conjunction with our long term collaborators Johns Hopkins Healthcare, we have devised seven ‘quick wins’ for the delivery of population health analytics that supports Population Health Management strategies.

#1 Match the right patients to the right care programmes


  • Lots of care programmes (e.g. Frailty) may already funded
  • We need to ensure that these programmes are seeing the right type of people to ensure efficiency and effectiveness
  • We need to make sure we understand the benefits and return on investment (RoI) of these funded programmes

A starting point could be ensuring that the right people are being treated by care programmes that are already funded and commissioned.

This requires:

A list of programmes.

Knowing who is currently enrolled

Purpose of programmes and admission and discharge criteria

Translation of these criteria into a search criteria that can be applied to the data. In parallel can start to undertake Population Health Analytics to further inform care strategy in LLR


  • Create a list of existing care programmes and list the criteria for admission and discharge.
  • Translate admission criteria to a case finding searches.


  • Identify suitable people for the programme and compare these lists of those individuals who are currently enrolled. We can then begin to evaluate whether the right people are enrolled.
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness of care programmes that are already funded.
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