Our Story

Sollis is a health analytics company delivering insight from data.

Working with the NHS since 1994 we can justifiably say that we are part of the NHS family.

With data and intelligence delivered through our Clarity Health Analytics platform, our health and care partners are transforming the way they provide care to the patients and populations they serve. We deliver analytics software and services that help our health and care partners make the very best informed and evidence-based decisions; decisions that help them deliver optimal care to their local populations.

Our value proposition is centred on the delivery of a population health analytics platform that supports Integrated Care Systems (ICS), Sustainability & Transformation Programmes (STPs) and their constituent members deliver on their Population Health Management (PHM) strategies.

We deliver informatics and analytics that supports system planning, needs assessment, quality and clinical outcome measurement, opportunity analysis, assurance and evaluation.

Our analytics offer also supports care co-ordination, risk and impactability models and includes risk stratification, impactability modelling and population segmentation.

Everything we do as a company is driven by a philosophy that we need to be part of something that makes things better; better for our customers and better for the citizens and patients that they serve.

We are wholly focused on the delivery of insights that will help deliver a sustainable and transformed health and care system.

Our value proposition is simple. Expert people and advanced health analytics reveal insights from complex data that enable you to make better decisions for the patients and populations you serve.


Nigel Slone, Managing Director

Nigel Slone

Managing Director



Nigel has had a long and varied relationship with the NHS. He started his NHS career as a Management Trainee back in 1984 and for seven years worked in a series of management posts both at a Trust and Health Authority level. In 1991 he joined the South West Thames Regional Computer Centre (RCC). Whilst there Nigel was part of the team responsible for the creation of one of the first regional ‘clearing’ databases – PID (Patient Information Database).

In 1994 – with colleagues – Nigel founded Sollis. The aim then, as it is now, to deliver healthcare intelligence that makes things better.

Nigel has a passion for healthcare and the NHS in particular.

Outside of the business his other passions centre on sport. He is a self-confessed ‘cricket tragic’.

Our Values

The NHS is iconic; the envy of many and bettered by few. We understand that your challenge is to deliver an appropriate and sustainable healthcare system in the face of an unprecedented set of demographic and financial challenges. You must find new and innovative ways of delivering better health outcomes particularly for those in greatest need.

Data is the key

But like you, we never forget that at the end of every piece of data there is a person.

Myriad systems will give you data, but what you really need is intelligence because intelligence – the right information, in the right place at the right time – gives you the assurance and the confidence to make informed decisions. Many offer it – few understand it the way that Sollis does. We deliver healthcare intelligence.

Better Insights for Better outcomes

Making a difference is what we believe in. It’s what we do. More than just a supplier – rather a trusted partner. Part of the NHS fabric.

At Sollis we provide the systems, intelligence, insights, understanding and unrivalled experience that gives meaning to data. Through our analytics and services we deliver intelligence and insights that help health and care professionals make better decisions on behalf of the individuals and populations they serve.