Working with the NHS since 1994 we can justifiably say that we are part of the NHS family.

Your population health management partner

Sollis is a health analytics company delivering insight from data. We provide bespoke and boutique services – software and consultancy services – to support all stakeholders across the health and care system who are engaged in the design and implementation of Population Health Management (PHM) strategies.

With data and intelligence delivered through our Sollis Population Health Analytics platform, our health and care partners are transforming the way they provide care to the patients and populations they serve.

We deliver population health analytics software and data science services that help Integrated Care Systems (ICS) make the very best informed and evidence-based decisions; decisions that help them deliver optimal care to their local populations.

We deliver informatics and analytics that supports system planning, needs assessment, quality and clinical outcome measurement, opportunity analysis, assurance and evaluation.

Our offer is an end-to end PHM offer. We take you on the journey from data analytics, through to care model design, implementation, evaluation, and optimisation. Everything we do as a company is driven by a philosophy that we need to be part of something that makes things better; better for our customers and better for the citizens and patients that they serve. We are wholly focused on the delivery of data driven insights that will help deliver a sustainable and transformed health and care system.

Our offer

We provide an end-to-end offer in support of
Population Health Management (PHM)

We offer a blend of Analytics Platform & Tooling and PHM Consultancy Services.
It is a bespoke and boutique offer. You choose the level and type of support that you need, at the time that you need it.

See how our PHM analytics
platform delivers actionable