Contract management and activity costing, delivering business critical evidence for provider performance management and financial decision support.

Acute Provider Costing and Grouping

The Sollis Acute Provider Costing and Grouping module is a powerful and flexible contract management and pricing system. It includes the Advanced Costing Module to support established fee-for-service reimbursement models and local contractual arrangements and payment mechanisms, including:

  • Local tariffs
  • Local specialised commissioning rules
  • Pathway commissioning
  • Capitated budgets
  • Outcomes based commissioning
  • Value-based reimbursement models

It also enables you to store and compare different versions of cost and volume type tariffs, as with ETO and DTR in 2015/16, to give you insights on the most effective commissioning decisions. It considers the costing of care across the care continuum and delivers analytics to support outcomes and cost drivers.

With the Acute Provider Costing and Grouping module you can (for example) demonstrate the cost impact on an acute Trust of a proposed outcomes-based contract by showing the equivalent PbR-style costs alongside the reward for the new model.

Audit logging and data quality reporting provide comprehensive and transparent records of data import and transformation. Because you should not be left wondering, ‘where did this data come from?’ or ‘how has this data been changed?’

Adding Value to Data

Acute Provider Costing and Grouping adds value to imported data, revealing insights upon which critical financial decisions can be made. Here are some of its key benefits:

  • All value add processes are locally tailored and automated, because every system has unique needs.
  • Flexible price allocation to activity with multiple tariffs and groupers for what-if modelling.
  • Pathway activity identification and pricing.
  • Cohort identification, management and pricing. Automated assignment of activity to cohorts.
  • A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) manager, to set up and monitor KPIs.
  • Import and automatically apply local prices (including pathway and unbundled prices).
  • Implementation of all tariff releases, including Engagement and Consultation tariffs.
  • Automatically apply national specialised identification rules groupers and HRG groupers.
  • Create plans using future tariffs on current activity and use them in Clarity’s financial reports.
  • Import data sources, such as patient level SLAM data, at no extra cost.
  • Health and care providers and purchasers for data are fully configurable, supporting collaborative organisation types, such as Integrated Care Systems, Primary and Acute Care Systems (PACS) and Multispecialty Community Providers (MCP).
  • Financial position reporting against national PoDs is available immediately after grouping.
  • Exception reporting highlights any pricing or data issues.

The Acute Provider Costing and Grouping module can be extended with the Provider Performance Reporting module to deliver operational reporting on acute and other providers.

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