A Population Health Management (PHM) approach to the early detection of liver disease

Chronic Liver Disease (CLD) is an ignored epidemic.
This blog describes how a consortium of clinicians, academics, and industry – including Sollis – have come together to tackle this epidemic head on.
Funded by the UK Governments Innovate UK Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, we describe how a Population Health Management (PHM) approach has been adopted to deliver community-based interventions that support the early detection of liver disease.
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PAC Case Study

Proactive and Anticipatory Care is the very essence of Population Health Management (PHM).

In this Case Study we describe how a data driven approach supported the design and delivery of a proactive anticipatory care programme for complex care patients in South West London. Read More…

Lessons from the Population Health Management (PHM) Front Line

Leadership and the case for change The starting point of this PHM story was consensus at senior leadership level that there was a powerful case for change. Time was spent crafting a business case for change around which the multi-disciplinary leadership team could coalesce and sign-up to. The debate started with a hypothesis. This particular … Read more

Population Health Management: Its Personal

A couple of weeks ago – despite the best efforts of a global pandemic – myself and the family managed to escape to the south coast of Spain.
It was a time to relax, reflect and empty one’s thoughts of anything and anyone related to work. The latter task proved just as challenging as I knew it would be. Read More…