Supporting an End-of-Life Programme in Dorset

The Challenge The last days, weeks and months of life are precious. Using routinely collected data it is possible to start revealing proxy markers of bad outcomes and specifically sub-optimal use of time, both for individuals and also health and care systems more broadly. Working with the Dorset Integrated Care System (ICS), Sollis identified all … Read more

Dorset Falls Prediction Story

This is a story of service transformation. It is also a Population Health Management(PHM) story centred in Primary Care. It starts with a vision to deliver better outcomesand experiences for populations – and sub-populations – who are ageing and at risk offalls. An injurious fall can have a profound impact on not only the individuals … Read more

Improving Population Health – Seven Quick Wins

Over recent years a certain mythology has been built around Population Health Management (PHM). Over time it – like many healthcare initiatives before it – has acquired a language of its own. At times it feels like only a Thesaurus can help navigate the lexicon of terms deployed. It really is quite simple. It’s about … Read more

19/20 Payment Reform Proposals

2019/20 payment reform proposals for acute care were published by NHS improvement on the 9th October 2018. The deadline for giving feedback to the proposals has been set at 5pm on 29th October. Sollis delivered a software update on 16th October, implementing all the key changes being proposed (including 4 new tariffs to model the … Read more

Sollis appointed to Health Systems Support Framework

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We are delighted to announce that Sollis has been successful in becoming an approved supplier on the Health Systems Support Framework (HSSF) and is thus now a system partner who can provide support to deliver integrated care. We are one of the few SMEs on the framework. Read More…

Population Health Analyses

Analyses and insights into the population profile of a Sustainability and Transformation Partnership in 2017 Sollis was commissioned by a Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) to provide analyses to help them better understand their population profile. The objectives were to: Describe the cost profile within the STP — where does the money go? Help the STP better understand … Read more

Understanding Population Health

With the challenges facing our health and social care services and the need to develop new care models — to improve the health of our populations, provide better patient experiences and reduce overall cost — the need for a comprehensive understanding of population health has never been greater. This paper explores some of the resources, tools and opportunities that … Read more