Supporting an End-of-Life Programme in Dorset

The Challenge The last days, weeks and months of life are precious. Using routinely collected data it is possible to start revealing proxy markers of bad outcomes and specifically sub-optimal use of time, both for individuals and also health and care systems more broadly. Working with the Dorset Integrated Care System (ICS), Sollis identified all … Read more

Dorset Falls Prediction Story

This is a story of service transformation. It is also a Population Health Management(PHM) story centred in Primary Care. It starts with a vision to deliver better outcomesand experiences for populations – and sub-populations – who are ageing and at risk offalls. An injurious fall can have a profound impact on not only the individuals … Read more

PAC Case Study

Proactive and Anticipatory Care is the very essence of Population Health Management (PHM).

In this Case Study we describe how a data driven approach supported the design and delivery of a proactive anticipatory care programme for complex care patients in South West London. Read More…

Population Profiling in Slough CCG

Using population profiling and risk stratification methodologies to gain an insight into morbidity patterns with the Slough population, identifying cohorts of patients for intervention and the development of a primary care based complex case management service. Read More…

Easing Winter Pressures on A&E

As part of their winter planning strategy, Gloucestershire CCG engaged Sollis to help build case finding reports to identify patient cohorts at high risk of attending A&E. One report identified older, higher risk patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Another report identified older patients with Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction (LVSD). Identifying these cohorts helped the CCG to plan interventions with the aim of easing pressure on A&E departments. Read More…

Working for better health in Wandsworth

Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in South London plans, commissions and monitors health services for over 370,000 registered patients across 43 GP practices. One of the CCG’s key initiatives is aimed at changing how patients with long-term conditions receive care. The Planning All Care Together (PACT) programme is designed so that patients are able to manage their conditions more independently after illness or injury.

One of the keys to the successful implementation of PACT has been the innovative use of information technology to identify patients most in need of intervention and to evaluate the impact of the programme. Sollis was one of a number of partners Wandsworth CCG chose to help them implement the PACT initiative. Read More…