Seven quick wins

In conjunction with our long term collaborators Johns Hopkins Healthcare, we have devised seven ‘quick wins’ for the delivery of population health analytics that supports Population Health Management strategies. #1 Match the right patients to the right care programmes Rationale Lots of care programmes (e.g. Frailty) may already funded We need to ensure that these … Read more

Demystifying Population Health Management (PHM) aka. We Can Do It.

In recent months Sollis have been providing data and analytics support to a number of Primary Care Networks (PCNs) nationally. These work programmes have varied in scope and nature ranging from: Managing People with Complex Needs / Anticipatory Care (South West London) Frailty Transformation (South West London and Surrey) Chronic Disease Management/ Long Term Conditions … Read more

Primary Care in the Time of Covid – A Population Health Management Story

In the space of just a few short weeks we have seen the NHS embrace and action change in a way that was perhaps unthinkable back in February this year. This is particularly important when we consider primary care and its role in the delivery of Population Health Management (PHM), because if Population Health Management is about anything then it is about transformation and change.

There are many lessons to learn from the Covid-19 pandemic and we are only at the beginning of that learning journey. However, something one hears a lot is that the crisis has provided us an opportunity to change the way we deliver health and care services centred around the person, the communities they live in and the population at large. Recovery of health services requires not restoration but the resetting of services that in a sense a pandemic led us to embrace. Read More…