Population Segmentation for Population Health Management


Questions of scale and scope in population segmentation. Macro-, meso- and micro-level population segmentation explained. This is an extract from a forthcoming Sollis white paper called Population Segmentation — An introduction to methods for identifying and supporting multiple diverse patient groups.

There is no simple numerical answer to the question of how large a population segment should be. Clearly, a cohort containing only one or two individuals might feel ill-defined and inappropriate as the target for a specific innovation or care programme; equally, a very large segment, covering most of the overall population, could be imprecise for many purposes, and not really actionable, while including significant variation. Read More…

Population Health Analyses

Analyses and insights into the population profile of a Sustainability and Transformation Partnership in 2017 Sollis was commissioned by a Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) to provide analyses to help them better understand their population profile. The objectives were to: Describe the cost profile within the STP — where does the money go? Help the STP better understand … Read more

Understanding Population Health

With the challenges facing our health and social care services and the need to develop new care models — to improve the health of our populations, provide better patient experiences and reduce overall cost — the need for a comprehensive understanding of population health has never been greater. This paper explores some of the resources, tools and opportunities that … Read more