At its heart Population Health Management (PHM) is a methodology. It is about a different way of working.  

All Population Health Management endeavours are data driven enterprises but is often said that it is 20% about data and 80% about culture. 

It is also about process and learning. Population Health Management is a methodology and  with all processes and methodologies, they need to be learnt. Through learning people are taken on a journey and at the end of that journey lives are enriched. 

Done properly Population Health Management has the potential to improve the lives of workforce as well as patients and carers. A new way of working can re-invigorate and provide meaning. It offers potential to provide staff more opportunities to develop, to further develop the skills they were trained for and in so doing improve workforce morale. 

Based on our experience of running similar development programmes across England, the Sollis PHM development programme is designed to develop leadership, knowledge and skills around using data and analysis for decision making.  

During the programme, multi-disciplinary teams and other key members of the workforce – to include local authority and voluntary sector – focus on a priority group/cohort of the local population around which services are re-designed and interventions tailored to ensure patients and citizens have better access to health, better engagement with health & care services and ultimately a better experience and a better outcome. 

The programme is designed to build Population Health Management capability and through real time action spread support using Population Health Management techniques. 

It has been designed to accelerate and embed the adoption of Population Health Management across Integrated Care Systems and is particularly suited to those working at Place and Neighbourhood levels. 

This is not an academic exercise. 

The Sollis Population Health Management Development Programme offers practical support where the emphasis is on action and doing. 

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