Population health analytics is the evidence base you need to design and test new care models

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Analytics for New Care Model Design

Designed for Accountable Care Systems, CCGs and care providers, Sollis Clarity Health Analytics provides a comprehensive family of measurement tools that helps explain how healthcare resources are delivered and consumed. It supports new commissioning models such as Commissioning for Value, Outcomes Based Commissioning and year‑of‑care commissioning. It delivers analytics that provide insights to support interventions and innovation and it will help you track the success — or otherwise — of those innovations over time.

Sollis Clarity Health Analytics is a modular system where you pick the components you need to help you achieve your population health analyses and gain a more complete picture of your populations’ health needs. As Sollis Clarity is expandable, you can add further modules (or remove them) as your needs change.

The Population Health Management modules deliver health analytics to risk stratify and segment patient populations and help identify their health needs. Using the Johns Hopkins University ACG® System, Sollis Clarity Health Analytics helps you understand patterns of multimorbidity and its relationship to utilisation, costs and outcomes. Case management tracks patient activity, costs and outcomes across the continuum of care, and provides flexible reporting.

Contract management and pricing is provided by the Acute Provider Costing and Grouping modules, which have been developed specifically for today’s NHS. It supports established fee-for-service reimbursement models, but more importantly the capitated budgets and outcomes based models designed for Accountable Care Systems.

The modular design of Sollis Clarity Health Analytics allows it to be pre-configured to meet the business intelligence requirements of new care models, such as Multispecialty Community Providers (MCPs) and Primary and Acute Care Systems (PACS). Both require risk stratification, population profiling and population segmentation to enable them to:

  • Identify patients for appropriate levels of care or management
  • Focus on preventing non-elective activity, such as A&E attendance and emergency admissions
  • Understand variation between providers in outcomes, costs and activity, taking into account population case-mix
  • Identify opportunities for cost efficiencies and service re-design

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MCP Analytics

MCP analytics combines GP, community, mental health and social care data management (and potentially secondary care data) , with the Dashboard Builder and KPI Manager for performance management.

PACS Analytics

For Primary and Acute Care Systems Sollis Clarity Health Analytics combines GP and SUS+ data management, the Advanced Costing Engine, Dashboard Builder and additional data sets.

NHS Expertise

The Clarity Health Analytics platform is not just software; it is part of a service we provide to you. Sollis analysts and project management staff, many of whom came from within the NHS, are here to help so that your organisation gets the best value from the system.


Sollis Clarity Health Analytics is available via G-Cloud 9 on the Government Digital Marketplace, where you can find our service definition, pricing documents and terms and conditions.

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