Population Health Management Podcast

In late November 2018, Sollis hosted a population health management workshop to enable our customers and partners to share their experiences and learn from others.

We’ve put together this podcast so you can listen to the speaker presentations, either online or by downloading the audio (MP3).

Steve Laitner

Dr Steven Laitner demonstrates a real and simple approach to understanding population health management, using a 3×3 grid that looks at the needs of people through three life stages and segmenting them as generally well, having long-term conditions, and having complex needs.

Dr Michael Bosch

Population Health Management is based on not just data but also a variety of intelligence and insights. The challenge is to bring those elements together to make it worthwhile.

Jeremy Taylor

How can population health management serve individuals and communities to improve health in the real world? How do you define a population? What are the goals and objectives of PHM?

Pat Nichols

GE Healthcare and Sollis worked together in London and Medway, combining stakeholder views, meaningful clinical data and healthcare analyses surfaced through our analytics, to identify the changes needed to help improve the health and care of local populations.

Dawn Richardson

Collaborating with Sollis to enhance case finding for population health management. Dawn talks us through developing a locality based care model across the alliance, achieved by aligning primary care homes and the Integrated Community Network.

Satnam Baines

Health Fabric is a digital platform to help people self-manage their long-term conditions. Health Fabric works not only with those citizens but also with Sollis health analytics to understand the care needs of a locality.

Chris Roche

To identify patients in the risk pyramid for population health management in primary care, Gloucestershire CCG worked with Sollis and its CSU to obtain a consistent flow of pseudonymised primary and secondary care data that could be linked to local data flows.

Alex Nash

Looking for ways to move from reactive models of care to more proactive models, particularly within social care. Alcuris provides a proactive care solution based on the three principles of prolonging independence for the individual, providing reassurance for their family and carers, and providing actionable data to carers and social services.

Jason Tong

Jason describes how he works with CCGs and local authorities across London to develop social prescribing services. Still a relatively new concept, how do you define social prescribing and what does it look like in practice?

Alan Thompson

The Johns Hopkins ACG System, developed for risk stratification and predictive modelling, is used by 45 CCGs in England to help them match the right patients to the right programmes of care and develop new programmes of care based on it analyses.

Understanding Population health management strategies is key to providing more joined up care, centred around the individual. Sollis — together with our strategic partners — delivers systems and professional services that help all stakeholders secure a better understanding of populations, enabling them to tailor scarce health and care resources to health and care needs.

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