Population Segmentation

An introduction to methods for identifying and supporting multiple diverse patient groups

There is a great deal of interest in the UK today in the use of Population Health Management to help health and care organisations deliver better, safer, and more efficient and equitable care in support of local citizens.

This is particularly relevant to the new ‘place-based’ systems of care that are being developed through Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships, Integrated Care Systems, Primary Care Homes and Primary Care Networks, and a range of other initiatives. Population health management provides a key set of tools to help understand the health and care needs of an area and the services required to meet those needs.

At the heart of most approaches to population health management is the idea of population segmentation. This guide sets out to explore population segmentation in greater detail, and considers many different aspects of the topic, and a number of current approaches. From this, it describes and discusses a comprehensive model framework that captures the various measures which can be used to define groups of patients, and which can be used to support many different segmentation models. Introductory use cases are provided to illustrate various aspects of population segmentation.

Part 1 introduces the topic, after which Parts 2-4 discuss many aspects of population segmentation in greater depth, to provide a broad sense of the subject as a whole.

Part 5 then introduces the Sollis segmentation framework, which underlies many of the population segmentation assignments we have undertaken and supports a wide range of different population segmentation models.

Part 6 considers how population segmentation is used in practice, by providing an overview of several of the applications of segmentation. These are based on real-world examples of successful and practical segmentation using the framework, from Sollis’ experience in the subject.

The final part brings together the material in the earlier parts of the paper, to establish some underlying principles that apply to population segmentation, and by extension population health management. This includes a discussion of how those new to the topic might get started with population segmentation in support of their local care economy, and some brief conclusions.

Population Segmentation White Paper

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