Sollis Launches Clarity Finance MultiTariff

Sollis is delighted to announce the launch of Clarity Finance MT (MultiTariff). This is a major enhancement to our leading care costing engine, Clarity Finance, and enables commissioners to associate multiple costing models and/or currencies with individual care items, specifying which has precedence.

Starting from May, this solves the problems currently presented by the different provider tariff options operating in 2015/16.

Product and Operations Manager, Greg Golder:

“Different providers will be using different tariffs in the coming financial year, and although over 80% of providers appear to have opted for the Enhanced Tariff Option (ETO), in some parts of the country and particularly London, the balance is much closer to 50/50. That could create real headaches for CCGs and their supporting CSUs. Thankfully, the Clarity Finance MT release solves the problem.”

In addition, the capability will be there to assign care records to alternative contractual models, whether year of care, outcome-based models, or other alternative models, as proposed in the Five Year Plan.

Sollis Chief Information Officer, Graham Head:

“What this means to a commissioner is that you can demonstrate the cost impact on an acute Trust of a proposed outcomes-based contract (for example) by showing the equivalent PbR-style costs alongside the reward for the new model. This will make it easier to understand how monies may move in the health economy, and shed light on what may otherwise be very difficult conversations. And you can continue to monitor that impact through the year.”

Clarity Finance is built to operate alongside, and reflect the outputs of, a population stratification and segmentation engine such as Sollis Clarity Patients. Together they provide a flexible platform with the capability to support new and innovative commissioning models.