Our Purpose

We believe in a health and care system that is equitable and available to all based on need and not the ability to pay. We believe that health and wellbeing is a fundamental human right and that all citizens should be provided equal opportunities to enjoy productive and happy lives. Our purpose is to deliver software and services that help make this a reality.

NHS Logo

“It will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it.”
— Nye Bevan

Our values are the NHS’s values.

At the heart of our value system is the belief in the continued provision of a comprehensive health service, free at the point of delivery, and available to all based on clinical need and not the ability to pay.

Back in 1983 these were the core set of values that inspired me to join the NHS. It was these central principles that governed my ten year career working in the NHS and it was central to my thinking when I founded Sollis in 1994.

They are values and principles that guide me today and they are values and principles that govern all of our operations here at Sollis. It is why we exist as a company. It is why we provide service.

While now operating in a commercial sphere, I have always viewed Sollis as being part of the NHS ‘family’, and like all good family members we have been there to support through the good times and bad.

I believe our history of working for the NHS since 1994 is proof of our commitment and dedication. Our longevity is testament to our record of delivery.

Our struggle is the NHS’s struggle and our purpose is to be part of a community that helps deliver a sustainable health service for the future.

Our aim is to help our customers deliver better outcomes and better patient experiences at a reduced cost.

Through our analytics we deliver intelligence and insights that help health and care professionals make better decisions on behalf of the individuals and populations they serve.

We imagine a world where high quality patient care is assured, and patients’ lives are enriched, all because of the existence of actionable data delivered through Sollis health analytics and professional services.

This is our purpose.

That is our promise.

Nigel Slone

Nigel Slone
Chief Executive Officer

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