The Journey to Successful Health and Care Integration

Place Based Commissioning, Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) and Population Health

There is a common consensus growing that if we are to deliver a sustainable health and care system for the future, then service transformation needs to happen at scale and at pace.

If nothing else Sustainability and Transformation Plans are a means of ensuring that the health and care system works in a collaborative and integrated manner, its focus being how best to utilise the collective resources of a health economy — or place — to deliver better outcomes and improved patient experiences at a reduced cost to local communities.

If place based commissioning means anything it means the reframing of traditional commissioner/provider relationships. The task in hand is the strategic commissioning of services around the needs of the local population, or groups within it. This requires an understanding of the demand, costs and outcomes of the population.

The pressures on the health and care system are both a factor of an ageing population and the complex and health care needs of the population as a whole. It is important however to recognise that the demands on the system are not just age related. Increasingly they are a factor of populations carrying multiple morbidities. If you look at the data it tells you that it is co-morbidity that drives cost.

Increasingly the challenge is to quantify the nature and scale of the complex care needs of populations.

An understanding of the totality of your population’s needs — with segmentation to the fore — is a prerequisite of any meaningful strategic planning exercise.

Sollis Population Health Analytics

Sollis Clarity with integrated ACG® System is a population health analytics platform that helps explain how healthcare resources are delivered and consumed. It provides a comprehensive understanding of multi-morbidity and its relationship to utilisation, costs and outcomes.

The direction of health and care policy is clear: placed based commissioning driven by STPs focused on the delivery of innovative new care models that can be delivered at pace and at scale.

Population health management is at the centre of the new policy. Sollis — together with our strategic partners — delivers systems and professional services that help all stakeholders secure a better understanding of populations, enabling them to tailor scarce health and care resources to health and care needs.

 Understanding Population Health White Paper
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