Sollis and Place Based Systems of Care

There are three immediate applications for Sollis Clarity (with integrated ACG® System) in Integrated Care System and Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) settings:

  • Population profiling
  • Provider profiling
  • Risk adjusted resource allocation

Population Profiling

Monoitor and compare the morbibity burden of segmented populations. Analyse them at different levels, including:

  • Whole populations
  • Sub-populations (segmentation)
  • High risk populations

Provider Profiling

Understand the total disease burden a provider is called upon to support.

Examine how well providers care – given that morbidity profile and the profile of segments.

Identify costed opportunities for improvement from unexplained variation analysis.

Risk Adjusted Resource Allocation

The ACG® System is widely and successfully used for capitation purposes. Capturing differences between populations in terms of their disease burden is essential for the fair and equitable distribution of limited health care resources.

Sollis Clarity can assist Integrated Care Systems and Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships in the critical task of ensuring that resources appropriately target populations in greatest need.

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With the challenges facing our health and social care services and the need to develop new care models to improve the health of our populations, provide better patient experiences and reduce overall cost, the need for a comprehensive understanding of population health has never been greater.

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