Reducing Health Inequalities

Equity vs Equality

Among their many ‘must do’ tasks, STPs need to challenge health inequity. There are three things STPs need to address and find answers to: reducing health inequalities, improving quality and access, and achieving both within the financial envelope that has been set.

Population health methodologies and the analytical tools required to get the job done must consider the impact of multi-morbidity. Luckily they do not need to be invented. They are already with us. Read More…

Population Health and Risk Stratification — Time to get Serious

In October this year NHS Clinical Commissioners published a document called Local Solutions to National Challenges. It is worth a read, not least because it re-states the raison d’être of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

This is important because in the document there is an acceptance that the Five Year Forward View (5YFV) is a game changer and that transformation is not an option. Unsurprisingly the not so hidden sub-text is that Clinical Commissioning Groups are key agents of that change. Read More…

Horses for Courses

When Simon Stevens wrote in the Five Year Forward View that ‘England is too diverse for a “one size fits all” care model to apply everywhere’ he was absolutely correct. Different local communities will have different needs and priorities, which will require different solutions. Some of these will require the re-imagining of local organisations and … Read more

Five Years

As a student of politics in the early 1980’s I had occasion to study the workings of the Soviet Union, and as such became familiar with the term Five Year Plan. If memory serves me there were thirteen Five Year Plans in total. The final one in 1990 ran for just one year when the Soviet Union dissolved. It is to be hoped that the Simon Stevens version will make it beyond 2015. Frankly it has to, because the stakes couldn’t be higher. Read More…