Are new care models working? When evaluating, always remember: human stories matter.

Val and James - Proactive Care New Care Models

On Tuesday this week I attended a Kings Fund event titled ‘Mainstreaming primary and acute care systems and multispecialty community providers’. The event focused on sharing the learning coming out of the multidisciplinary community providers (MCP) and primary and acute care systems (PACS) new care models vanguards. The various speakers spoke eloquently and passionately about what … Read more

Population Health Management — All Together Now

Last week the ever excellent Kings Fund published a new report called ‘Place-based systems of care: A way forward for the NHS in England’. Within its pages there exist powerful arguments for why the ‘zero-sum game’ that characterises the current NHS (aka. The Purchaser/Provider divide) has had its day. The report pictures a future where NHS organisations are increasingly collaborating to manage the finite resources — people and money — available to them.

Unsurprisingly, Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs) get another name-check and a new world of commissioning is proposed in which commissioners — spanning wider geographies than at present — take on a strategic role for defining outcomes and measuring the performance of the health and social care system as a whole. Read More…