How do we best serve the patients and populations with greatest need?

population segmentation pie chart

The challenges faced by the NHS today are in many ways those faced by health care systems across the world. The concern is a very human one; how best to serve the patients and populations with greatest need?
The starting point for those charged with service transformation has to be the need to understand who these patients are and how they currently use the health care system. There is a desperate need for insight that explains how healthcare resources are delivered and consumed. Only then can local health and care systems begin to adapt and transform in order to meet patient and population needs. Read More…

Primary Care: Home or Haven?

Primary Care Home or Haven

Primary care transformation has rightly been the focus of attention in many — if not all — of the Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs). It is also writ large in Next steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View. Wherever you look, primary care providers are on the march. Read More…

Reducing Health Inequalities

Equity vs Equality

Among their many ‘must do’ tasks, STPs need to challenge health inequity. There are three things STPs need to address and find answers to: reducing health inequalities, improving quality and access, and achieving both within the financial envelope that has been set.

Population health methodologies and the analytical tools required to get the job done must consider the impact of multi-morbidity. Luckily they do not need to be invented. They are already with us. Read More…

The Times They are a-Changin’

Reorganisation... again

David Nicholson famously described the Health and Social Care Act of 2012 as “a reorganisation so big that you can see it from outer space.”

Whisper it quietly but the biggest NHS reorganisation since the last one is happening before our very eyes. The difference this time is that the great majority of the general public are most likely unaware, not least because everyone involved is very careful not to mention the R word. Read More…