Transforming Primary Care

As the Primary Care Home (PCH) programme rolls out, providers will need access to analytical software tools that aid evaluation and help them run their businesses while transforming primary care. Feedback from PCH test sites indicates that there would be particular value in…

A demand and capacity tool that helps providers to understand their population, current workload and current case mix in order to forecast the future needs of their local population.
– From the NAPC white paper, Does the Primary Care Home Make a Difference?

At Sollis we recognise the unique opportunity offered by the Primary Care Home programme to transform, monitor and evaluate services and interventions. With insights from Sollis Clarity, primary care providers have access to tools and evidence that will enable them to make informed decisions on the development and implementation of new care models that best meet the health and care needs of their local populations.

See our blog post, Identifying needs, building interventions and busting myths: adventures in population health, for insights from population health analysis that might just challenge what you think you know about multi-morbidity and its impact on patient populations.

To learn more about how Sollis Clarity can support your service transformation work, download our white paper.

Understanding Population Health White Paper
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