Our History


NHS Re-organisation

The numbers of Regional Health Authorities is reduced from 14 to 8. NHS Regional Computer Centres (RCCs) are phased out.

Sollis is Founded

The Sollis Partnership is founded by a group of ex-NHS IT and informatics professionals including Dave Sollis, Nigel Slone and Graham Head.

Over the following two years Sollis launches Contract Management System (CMS) for District Health Authorities, and then CMS for Total Purchasing.


Primary Care Groups replace GP Fundholding

The government abolishes GP Fundholding, replacing it with Primary Care Groups, in which GPs and other health and social services professionals worked in co-operation to decide together how to purchase hospital services for their patients.

Sollis Launches SP.Hypercube

Sollis launches SP.Hypercube, On-Line and Analytical Processing (OLAP) software delivering powerful analytical and reporting capability to over 60 NHS trusts.

Hypercube’s successor, the Cube Viewer, is helping clinicians profile patient populations to identify opportunities to provide integrated care.

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Primary Care Trusts Established

Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) are established, replacing district and strategic health authorities.

Sollis Launches Clarity

Sollis launches Clarity CMS – clinical and management reporting for Primary Care Trusts. This is followed by Clarity.PBC – Practice Based Commissioning software for PCTs – and Clarity.CG – our clinical audit reporting system utilising primary care datasets extracted from GP systems.


Partnership with Johns Hopkins University

Sollis forms a partnership with the world renowned Johns Hopkins University, integrating the Adjusted Clinical Groups® (ACG®) System into our business intelligence platform. Practice-based commissioning passes into obscurity.

Sollis Launches Clarity Patients

Clarity Patients, incorporating the ACG System, delivers risk stratification and population profiling to PCTs in the central southern region.


The Health and Social Care Bill is Passed

The Health and Social Care Bill is passed after 18 months and many amendments, giving groups of GP practices and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) budgets to buy care on behalf of their local communities. PCTs are replaced by CCGs. Commissioning Support Units (CSUs) start to provide data services to CCGs.

Sollis commits to providing software solutions that help enable commissioners and clinicians to provide the best possible patient outcomes at the lowest cost.


Five Year Forward View (FYFV)

NHS England published the Five Year Forward View, emphasising the importance of new care models. Meanwhile the proposed tariff for 2015-16 is delayed after being rejected by 75% of hospitals, leading to a choice between taking an Enhanced Tariff Option (ETO) or the Default Tariff Rollover (DTR).

Sollis Launches Clarity Finance MultiTariff

Clarity Finance MultiTariff enables commissioners to associate multiple costing models and/or currencies with individual care items.