Why we work with the ACG System

We believe that the ACG® System is one of the most powerful population health analytics platforms available in the UK today.

With the emergence of NHS Vanguards the journey towards new models of care and an increased emphasis on Place-Based Systems of Care, the ACG System — powered by Sollis Clarity — offers the health and care system an unparalleled opportunity to better understand the health needs of local populations and therefore to tailor health services resources to health needs.

At a time when much service transformation work is centred on the development of new models of care within primary and community settings, it is worth remembering that the genesis of the ACG System was in primary care.

The system was the brainchild of Dr Barbara Starfield, MD, MPH, Johns Hopkins University Distinguished Professor. Dr Starfield was recognised worldwide as an expert in primary care, case-mix methodologies and the promotion of equity in health.

It is this concept of equity in health that drew Sollis to the ACG System and the work of the world-renowned Johns Hopkins University.

If you are looking for an understanding of why we at Sollis do what we do then the article, The hidden inequity in health care, written by Dr Starfield and published in 2011, goes a long way to answering that question.

“All health systems that have electronic capability should be collecting data in a way that enables the calculation of morbidity burden from data on separate diseases; the technology to do so is available.”
— Dr Barbara Starfield

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