The Hidden Inequity in Healthcare

Why we do what we do

For anyone unfamiliar with Sollis and wondering why we exist as a business, the following article provides excellent context.

The hidden inequity in health care (PDF)

For any individual or organisation that believes in a comprehensive tax funded NHS, free at the point of delivery, based on clinical need and not the ability to pay… inequity in healthcare is a dragon to be slain.

Whilst I never had the pleasure of meeting Dr Barbara Starfield, through our collaboration with The Johns Hopkins University I have worked with many of her talented colleagues. The vision and passion that drove her lives on in them and as a consequence it helps inform, enlighten and drive everyone here at Sollis.

The above article – in common with many others that she authored – reminds us of the primacy of the patient in the healthcare system. It further reminds us that in our daily work we have at our disposal the tools and knowledge to make a real difference to patients and populations.

It is our task to paint pictures, share stories and deliver solutions that help our healthcare partners deliver a better world for the patients and citizens we all serve.

In the coming months we will be accelerating our efforts in this regard.

It’s why we exist as a business.