Analytics to Support the Development of New Care Models

As the NHS England Vanguard sites accelerate their work in the development of New Care Models, there is an increased interest in how Population Health Management strategies can support the service transformation required. The Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups® (ACG®) System is used in hundreds of diverse settings around the world for population needs assessment. It offers advanced analytics in support of the management of patients with multiple chronic conditions, predictive modelling and provider performance profiling.

The transition to the new care models requires the development of new payment approaches that support them.

The ACG System provides insights that support the establishment of capitated budgets. In Sweden for example, where it is used for almost two thirds of Swedish patients, primary healthcare budgets are allocated based on a combination of a care needs index (based on socio-economic factors) and morbidity burden as measured by the ACG System. In the UK the ACG System is already processing records for close to 10 million patients. In 2015, it won AcademyHealth’s 2015 Health Services Research Impact Award. Our collaboration with The Johns Hopkins University has resulted in the integration of the ACG System into the Sollis Clarity platform. Together we deliver a comprehensive family of measurement tools designed to help explain and predict how healthcare resources are delivered and consumed. We deliver advanced analytics at the heart of which is population health needs assessment and population management.

To learn more about how Sollis Clarity can support your service transformation work, download our white paper.

 Understanding Population Health White Paper
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