Seven Quick Wins – 2

In conjunction with our long term collaborators Johns Hopkins Healthcare, we have devised seven ‘quick wins’ for the delivery of population health analytics that supports Population Health Management strategies.

The second of these seven ‘quick wins’ is….

#2 Polypharmacy


  • Primary care prescription costs account for about 12% of spend
  • About 1% of patients account for about 25% of prescription costs
  • Medicines management tends to focus on use of generic rather than named drugs to achieve cost savings
  • There are multiple pieces of evidence that addressing polypharmacy increases safety and releases cash


  • Use the active ingredient count in the ACG® System to identify polypharmacy. The ACG® System is fully integrated into the Sollis Clarity™ Population Health Analytics Platform.
  • Identify everyone with a count of >14
  • Provide lists of those patients to GP surgeries
  • Use clinical pharmacists to support GPs to undertake person-level medication reviews


  • Improved safety
  • Reduced costs
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