Seven Quick Wins – 4

In conjunction with our long term collaborators Johns Hopkins Healthcare, we have devised seven ‘quick wins’ for the delivery of population health analytics that supports Population Health Management strategies.

The fourth of these quick wins is….

#4 Address Multimorbidity (MM)


  • Multimorbidity (MM) more than any other variable drives cost and resource utilisation
  • There are often care programmes aimed at EOLC, cancer or management of individual diseases but not often care programmes aimed specifically at supporting people living with multiple LTCs and other issues related to SDOH


  • Undertake segmentation analysis to understand impact of multimorbidity
  • Undertake gap analysis to see whether people with MM are having their needs met or their care adequately coordinated
  • Design intervention programme that could be delivered within primary care based on an existing case study


  • Up to 20% reduction in emergency admission in targeted group
  • Reduction in polypharmacy and therefore cost savings
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