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Sollis Clarity Population Health Analysis for NHS Wales

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Population Health Management: Its Personal
Bridging the divide between population health analytics and the care management workforce
Health Inequalities and Inequity: Using data to address issues of Parity of Esteem
Integrated Care Systems and the Demon of Health Inequity
Seven Quick Wins – 7
Seven Quick Wins – 6
Seven Quick Wins – 5
Seven Quick Wins – 4
Seven Quick Wins – 3
Seven Quick Wins – 2
Seven quick wins
Demystifying Population Health Management (PHM) aka. We Can Do It.
Primary Care in the Time of Covid – A Population Health Management Story
Population Segmentation for Population Health Management
Population Health Management by William Shakespeare
Improving the nation’s health: No place for anecdote and fairy tales
19/20 Payment Reform Proposals
Population Health Analyses tips
Sollis appointed to Health Systems Support Framework
Population Health Management — Empowering the Change Makers
Population Health Management in the New Digital Age
Navigating the Choppy Seas of GDPR Compliance
National data opt-out programme
Why population segmentation is key to the delivery of high quality, tailored patient centred care
Geek Heresy
Using Multiple Lenses: From Black Holes to Patient Activation
Opening Up Technology
Accountable Care Systems and the Spectre of Health Inequity
Staying Ahead of the Curve
Want to radically transform health services? Start by understanding your population.
Population Health Management Involves More Than Just the Data, But…
Accountable Care Systems: Betting the Farm on “Promise”?
Identifying needs, building interventions and busting myths: adventures in population health
How do we best serve the patients and populations with greatest need?
Primary Care: Home or Haven?
Are new care models working? When evaluating, always remember: human stories matter.
A Way Forward for Community Based Care
Primary Care Home
Reducing Health Inequalities
The Times They are a-Changin’
Population Health Analytics: Run the Numbers
The ‘Promise’ of Accountable Care
Population Health and Risk Stratification — Time to get Serious
Population Health Management — The Writing’s on the Wall
Population Health Management — All Together Now
Easing Winter Pressures with Risk Stratification
Data Transparency will make or break Accountable Care Organisations
New Care Models – The Answers Are Out There
Imitate the Action of the Tiger
The bright(er) side of life?
The Implications of The New Normal
Data Sharing
Horses for Courses
The Hidden Inequity in Healthcare
The Power of Population Health Management and Analytics
Five Years
Think like a patient
The past is a foreign country
SUS data extraction in the new NHS
Primary Matters
In Transition
Hanging Tough
Chip at the old block
Joined up thinking?
Small is beautiful… again
Will I.T. make the boat go faster?
Inspire a generation
Let me take you by the hand…
Money money money
At end of every piece of data there is a person